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Subject: Eyes on my Son 7As swimsuit top models in other chapters all rights reserved by author and You must be of
legal age to read. See my other stories in Nifty under Author's go to
kevinmjo for my list. dumas model 1234
After our chubby model teen
exchange of stories we three had dumas model 1234 to be the most
horny men on planet Earth. We were all seated there in our beach chairs
stroking our hard dicks. I was just looking at my handsome Son Eric and
counting myself the most lucky teens sexy model
man on Earth to know him as we now did.
His blonde hair and hard strong slim muscular body all mine. Then next to
him the handsome John his cock so thick and long and dripping precum
already. I got up and knelt before my son as he spread his hairy powerful
legs with a smile on his face and I inhaled his manly cock smell as his
thick bare cock head came again into my mouth. John was standing next to
me and stroking his meat eagerly waiting his turn to shove his prick into
my mouth. I was touching John's manly muscular feet while sucking on
Eric's cock and holding his hairy balls.
John announced He needed to fuck his cock into one or even both of
Us. I came off Eric's cock stood then leaned bent over one of the chairs
spreading my ass cheeks to John ready to feel his thick cock fucking into
me. He came behind me and the feel once again of his thick flared cock
head against my hole ready to enter into me was so wonderful. Eric was
telling his to push it in and really fuck me. John's dick head was then
entering into me no pain just pure pleasure as I spread to accept once
again his thick bare cock head and that wonderful bare shaft of his meat.
john was pulling my hips to him as he was now pounding my hole filling me
and fucking his meat into me. I knew he wouldn't last long nor would I
and soon he was shooting more of his teen cum into my hungry hole filling
it to over flow with his seed. he was as I hoped replaced by my own Son's
thick cock fucking into my cum soaked hole and pounding his Dad's pussy
with his thick bare cock. Slapping his bare hairy balls against me as he
unloaded more cum in my hole so it was dripping out.
Needless to say We all decided to buy the Cabin and on the way home
I dropped off the keys and a deposit to purchase the place. It would now
be our private get away spot. Back at the office the week was going so
slowly all I had on my mind was the events at the cabin. Eric and I had
spent the week sleeping together each night and John was over to do his
chores and then play with the three of us. John's Dad was required to
report to me twice a day for a good 20 minutes each time on the plant.
During these reports alone in my office I couldn't of course think of
hardly anything but what john had told me about him and them two fucking
and his 10 inch cock. He is a handsome man around my age and keeps
himself in perfect shape. Single after the death of John's Mom years ago
in an accident. His face was always in a smile even while just in plain
conversation. He was a great foremen the men loved him as he was fair and
the company loved him because he model 12 porno got the job done with little problems.
Knowing he was into men now from John and seeing his hard tight handsome
body twice a day like this I just knew somehow someway I had to get him
in bed. I did have to respect john on this and knew I should first confer
with him before doing anything and John did offer to have his Dad join Us
but I kept wanting a one on one-first with his Dad. around brinks model 5095 the plant he
was know as Skipper. At his 10 O'clock report I had a plan. It was Friday
and things were going pretty amateur modellen well at the plant. Sipper came in for his
report and I was play acting as if I had a problem. Naturally Skipper
asked what was the problem and I said "I just got a call about the cabin
seems i have to be up there by 2 this afternoon to building cost models sign off on the last
inspection before the settlement on Monday"
Skipper looked confused at me and said "Hey Your the big Boss around here
just take off and head on up what's the problem? I wrinkled my forehead
saying "Well I had to let Eric use my car cause his in the shop. Now
Eric and your John are coming up later but not until after like 6 PM."
Skipper thought a minute and I hoped he was thinking what I planned? Then
I relaxed he said "Well You could give me the afternoon off boss and I
could drive you up to the cabin? I quickly agreed and made him an offer I
hoped he couldn't refuse? I said "Tell You what Skipper I'll give you the
afternoon off but only if you agree to be my guest for the whole weekend?
Kind of show You the place? Hell Your son John will be there and it will
be like a accent home remodeling kind of Father Son weekend with You John and Eric and myself?"
My heart was pounding I thought sure he would be able to hear it?
He took so long and then a smile came to his handsome face and he said
"Hell yea Sure why not sounds good to me But I'll need to stop by the
house and pick up a change of cloths."
I said Looking his up and down "You'll be fine was are about the same
size and I've got lots of clothes stored up there already and You can use
He smiled that handsome sexy smile and agreed even thanking me. I knew if
my plan worked I would have him at least 4 hours alone up there. he went
to finish some things and we were in vintage female models his car driving up to the cabin. On
the ride up there I laid some ground rules no talking about work. Also he
was to be open to just calling me Ken. Skipper laughed and agreed. Then I
was talking away nervous and getting so turned on just looking at his
hairy strong forearms as he was driving along. The man was a real sexy
hunk of a man a mans man.
We arrived at the cabin and took a tour the man showed up and I
signed the paper work and modelo mexicana desnuda Skipper and I were now alone in the cabin. I
suggested we get out of the suits we had on and took him to the one bed
room to change into some shorts.
He was so cool about it all and I was feeling knots in my stomach. he sat
down next to me on the large bed taking off his top preeteen models shoes. He peeled off his
black socks and I looked at saw the most sexy set of bare men's feet I'd
ever seem perfect in every way and I knew I had to taste them soon? He
looked at me strangely as I was admiring his bare feet but just smiled.
then we stood both by the closet to hang up our suits. He was down to his
boxers and his tree trunk legs now had my attention. he had to say to me
as I was looking at them "Ah ken are we going to keep our underwear on or
just shorts and no underwear? I looked up to his handsome face and I
smiled saying "No Ah lets just go naked under the shorts? To my delight
he just shrugged his shoulders and was runway models pulling down his boxers. I was
pulling down my own but my eyes were on his coming down slowly. I saw
first his thick patch of black pubic hairs curly and thick then the root
of his cock so thick and wide. then unbelievable his thick long semi soft
cock. He was not cut and the skin covered his cock head but it was a
thick fat cock head and showed so nice under the skin. he looked at me
and said "You, OK Ken? I looked up from his nice dick and said "Oh yea
just I just wasn't expecting You to be hung as big as you are? Oh shit I
guess I shouldn't be saying bikini model brazil something like that?
he laughed and said now holding his fat thick dick. " No that's OK ken a
lot of guys get surprised when they see my dick. Hell at the gym the guys
are always staring at my tool. I don't teen models undies
mind. Can i say that is no small
dick you have there buddy"
I looked down at my own dick and it was of course getting close to
growing and I knew I had a matter of seconds before it was at full staff.
I said pointing at his cock "I heard about guys with uncut dicks and them
docking or something like that with other guys?
He looked at me and then still holding his thick now growing cock said
"Really You heard about that? Yea me too. Once in the Army a buddy got me
into doing it with him and I kind of got a kick out of it"
No hiding it now my dick was at its full and standing up my hand stroking
it in front of him. I said 'I bet that must feel so strange?
He stepped up closer to me and was holding his 10 inch hard dick in his
hand I knew he was keeping the skin over his cock head on purpose. He
said "Would you like to give it a try now? Nobody would ever know and it
does feel so good Ken.
I just nodded Yes and Skipper so handsome so sexy stepped closer to me he
took hold of my bare cock and I thought I would lose a load then and
there. He smiled knowing as I moaned molly model the effect his hand was having on me
and that I was his for the taking from then on. he pulled back the skin
from his cock head and a fat flared wonderful dick head was exposed to
me. Then he guided my dick head and it was touching against his exposed
fat bare dick head. He was looking down intent on our docks and looking
so sexy. he pulled the skin forward and it was going snugly over his then
my own cock head. My own dick head disappeared into the skin of his dick.
Our two cock heads touching and against each other in the cover of his
thick skin. He was now jerking the two dicks as if they were one. He
smiled at me never missing a beat and said "You like doing this ken? Like
our two hot cocks touching like this? Its almost like our dicks are
fucking each other"
The time and the desire for pretense was gone. I teens skinny models reached down and
took hold of his big hairy teens skinny models balls monica teen model in my one hand while our cocks were
locked in this docking motion. His eyes lite up and he said 'Oh yea ken
that's it feel my big balls buddy hold my bare balls. Dam you want me to
shoot a load while we are docked like this?
I nodded again with a big grin and said "Skip yea cum a big load man
while we are docked like this and then let me eat the cum off you hot
hard dick"
We were both picking up our tempo as our cocks under the cover of his
foreskin were humping I working his big hairy balls. I couldn't keep my
eyes off our two joined cocks under his foreskin and then he signaled he
was ready to cum and then I felt the rush of juice his cum under the skin
flying over my dick head and rushing in gobs out of the end of the skin.
wetting up both model nude rotterdam our hard dick heads. Skipper must have fired a good four
loads of cum into the hood and our dicks. he pulled apart and cum fell
out of the skin I knelt and took the head of his fat dick into my mouth
eating off the rest of his thick salty cum. then pulling the skin of his
dick head open with my tongue to get all his cum in my mouth. All the
while Skipper was pushing his meat into my mouth and I was holding his
big hairy balls.write
You must give your age
If you live in Montreal let me know I'll be there living come June 05
Kevin Kelly
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